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SMK Negeri 8 Malang; WICE 2022 Champion, Wins East Java Governor Award

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East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa gave awards to students of SMK Negeri 8 Malang at the Grand Mercure Hotel Malang, last Monday (31/7). The award was given to Satrio Adji Purwito, a student who won the Silver Medal at the 2022 World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE), IT and Robotics Category at SEGi University, Damansara, Malaysia.Head of SMKN 8 Malang Drs. Moh. Guntur Sayekti, M.Pd, said, WICE is an international competition for talented young researchers who are active, creative and innovative.With the silver medal, continued Guntur, it is a very surprising achievement, considering that SMKN 8 Malang is an International certified school and an Entrepreneurial Printing School.

"Thank God, we won a silver medal in the WICE 2022 event. The activity was initiated by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) and SEGi University at SEGi University, Damansura, Malaysia," said Guntur.Technically, the WICE competition is carried out online by sending a prototype first called IOT Project: Native Apps-Based Scheduled Watering Plant or automatic watering.The prototype uses Arduino IDE software. Arduino IDE is a software that is used to sketch programming or in other words Arduino as a medium for programming on the board you want to program.

Arduino IDE is useful for editing, creating, uploading to the specified board, and coding certain programs. Arduino IDE is created from the JAVA programming language, which is equipped with C/C++(wiring) libraries, which makes input/output operations easier. With this program that can be controlled using an application on a smartphone."Simply operated with a smartphone that has been installed with the application. Without having to come to the location, the automatic watering device has worked as desired, "said Guntur.In addition to creating an automatic watering prototype, students of SMK Negeri 8 Malang also made game software last year. The software was purchased by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a game production company in America.

"The skills of the students are very superb. They are able to learn quickly and are able to see opportunities. So that it can achieve proud achievements, "said Guntur.The number of achievements by students, Guntur hopes that with today's digital developments can be used better. So that when there is competition or benefits for many people, they are ready and capable. SMKN 8 Malang also continues to provide opportunities and opportunities to students who want to take part in competitions. They continue to receive guidance, direction that focuses on the competition they participate in. So that these students are able to compete in every competition and succeed in achieving achievements.

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