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MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi Research Team Wins WISE Malaysia Gold Medal

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This event was organized by the Indonesia Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in collaboration with MAHSA University (Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy). WICE takes place on 21-26 September 2023 at Mahsa University Malaysia.

Two MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi Research Teams managed to outperform 253 teams from 20 countries for Accoultic and Stepanink branches. "Congratulations and tremendous appreciation for the achievements of our children at the WICE event in Malaysia. This proves that the identity of madrasah children is increasingly superior in the eyes of the world," said Head of the Riau Ministry of Religion Mahyudin after receiving news of the success of the MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi team in Malaysia, Wednesday (27/9/2023)

Congratulations were also conveyed by the Acting Director of KSKK Kemenag RI, Sidik Sisdiyanto, for the achievements of MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi which made the name of the madrasah proud in the international arena. "This is an extraordinary achievement and touches the name of the madrasa in the international arena," said Sidik.

WICE is an international competition for young talented researchers who are active and innovative. At the event, MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi won a gold medal for STEPANINK: Herbal Tea From Simplivias, Yellow bamboo shoot and Takokak Roots, AS Antihepatitis B Candidate, and ACCOALTIC with the title Accoaltic Bottom loading Dispenser Through Raw Water Source, Kuantan River Pollute Hg From Unlicesed Gold yellow Activity.

Head of MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi Suhelmon added that MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi sent two research teams at WICE 2023. They consist of the Accoaltic Team and the Stepanink Team, consisting of 5 people each, namely Elda Juliana Jelita, Marsya Rizkya Ramadhani, Najwa Azzahra, Muhammad Dino Septama, Muhammad Fadhil, Natasyabrina. Zhafirah Wardani, Cici Amelia Deprita, Nila Mawardini, and Azriel Akbar Arifin.

"Congratulations to you and the supervisors who have won prestigious international achievements in Malaysia at WICE, may you from the MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi Research team continue to advance, continue to spread your wings, continue to develop your potential and do not be easily satisfied at one point," he said.

"Keep fighting, make this success a whip for the next generation to follow in the footsteps of ananda-ananda. Let's together realize MAN 1 Kuantan Singingi for Indonesia and the world," he concluded. (mus)

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