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Yogyakarta State University students won Silver Medals at the 2021 World Invention Competition and Exhibition

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The collaboration of Yogyakarta State University students consisting of Ahzami Fadilah Akbar (Electrical Engineering), Intan Diah Kusuma (Culinary Education), Wulan Febrianingsih (Science Education), Siti Vera Lestari (Mathematics Education), Asma Nur Azizah (English Literature) won a Silver Medal at the 2021 World Invention Competition and Exhibition event organized by the Young Scientist Association (IYSA) and SEGi College Subang Jaya Malaysia. IYSA in collaboration with SEGi College Subang Jaya - Malaysia held this event as the right learning platform to nurture talented young inventors who are active, creative, and innovative.

Ahzami explained that at this event, Team BETA presented a work entitled "BETA Healthy Noodle as Staple Food Substitute for Diabetics". "This Beta Health Noodle product serves as an alternative food substitute for diabetics where this product is safer because it is made using natural ingredients without preservatives," he said.

The way to use Beta Healthy Noodle is very practical, Beta Healthy Noodle can be served in the form of noodle soup or fried. "Chinese petai seeds contain tannins, galactomanan, and flavonoids where these ingredients have an effect to lower blood sugar levels by inhibiting the activity of glucosidase and alpha amylase which play a role in absorption of the intestinal brush border membrane," he continued. This competition was attended by elementary, secondary, universities from all over the world with 300 Teams participants from 29 countries. The competition is divided into two stages, namely administrative and final selection. At the administrative selection stage, participants are expected to meet all predetermined requirements starting from filling in the necessary data such as submission of personal data, research titles, research abstracts then participants who meet the criteria will get a Letter of Accepptance (LoA) from the committee via e-mail so that they can continue in the next round in the form of presentation of works offered to the jury and audience on the platform provided by the committee.

A total of 60 esteemed judges are appointed from various backgrounds. This gives a holistic basis on which the entries are assessed to ensure a holistic and wholesome standard. The question of judging system integrity is always given due attention and WSEEC judges are never short of being professional. Many judges that I know contributing in WSEEC were awarded the Distinction for Professionalism Award from the Standard for Professionalism and Integrity Development, Empowerment and Reach (SPIDER), participants are hence assured of a fair and professional assessment system. [SPIDER is an international standard for integrity and professionalism, scheme owner Advance Accreditation Authority Singapore.] This year will be no different, I will personally participate in the judging sessions to randomly to observe the performance of the judges who are already very qualified in their own forte.

WSEEC, being an international platform, is not only about competition but also as a platform for scientific growth among the humanity. Competition is only event to spur the spirit of discovery and motivate the relentless effort in seeking advancement in STEM. Winning or losing is not important, seeking to challenge personal frontier and limit is the principle of success. Here, I would like to wish ALL PARTICIPANTS that you enjoy the event and perform your best!

Last but not least, thank you for the efforts taken by Mr. Deni Irawan, the President of IYSA, his dedicated committee, the international panel of judges, participants, associates, friends from the media and all members of the global community in making WSEEC 2021 a great success!

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