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Eco Ceiling, Student Innovation of SMAN 1 Lamongan Wins Runner Up at WICE 2020

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An innovation from two students of SMAN 1 Lamongan in the form of an eco ceiling, successfully won second place at the 2020 World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE).Eco ceiling by Kayyisa Addaba Albab and Ilham Jamalluddin Najid is able to absorb heat and maintain coolness, made from kijing shells or mussels and Dutch betel leaves.Kayyisa revealed that the idea of making eco ceilings made from Dutch betel and kijing shells began when she and her classmates were in the classroom during empty hours.But the air in the classroom is very hot even though the room is equipped with air conditioning. "At that time, my classmates and I were engrossed in each other's cellphones," Kayyisa told reporters, Saturday (10/24/2020).

From that situation, Kayyisa and her friend then looked for the cause, why it felt so hot even though there was air conditioning in their classroom."From there, we finally conducted research and it turned out that the heat in the room was due to radiation on the cellphone, where the radiation rose to the top, hit the ceiling and the ceiling could not receive the radiation, causing heat even though there was a cooler," he said.Armed with these conclusions, Kayyisa and Ilham then had an idea to make a ceiling that was able to absorb heat. After searching and research, Dutch Betel and Kijing were obtained.

Dutch betel leaves are able to dampen radiation, while kijing shells can produce heat at night, while in the morning can absorb heat. The two materials are then combined to make an environmentally friendly ceiling that can absorb heat."After testing using the SFC-CG1 radiation device, it turned out that the radiation absorber was quite large compared to the ceiling in the store," he explained.Kayyisa further explained, to make a ceiling measuring 30 centimeters by 30 centimeters and 0.8 centimeters thick, 400 grams of Dutch betel leaves, 500 grams of smoothed kijing shells and 200 grams of white cement.

All these ingredients are made together and added enough water, then stirred until they become dough and molded. "These materials are right and there are no shortcomings when checking 3 times with several tools," he said.The work of the two students of SMAN 1 Lamongan also successfully won second place at the WICE 2020 event, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This achievement made the Head of SMAN 1 Lamongan, Sofyan Hadi very proud, because his students were able to make the nation proud in the international arena. "This achievement cannot be separated from the guidance we provide intensively to face prestigious events," said Sofyan.Sofyan hopes that the achievement at the WICE 2020 international event through the eco ceiling innovation can be a motivation for SMAN 1 Lamongan students to continue to excel.

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