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MAN Student Insan Scholar Lotim International Champion Journal of Scientific Work

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Science and Technology Research as a flagship program developed at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Insan Cendekia (MAN IC) East Lombok (Lotim) is not just a slogan. The reason is, the students from MAN IC continue to make achievements by winning silver medals at an international event entitled World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE) 2020. The success achieved is inseparable from the commitment and enthusiasm that is grown and continues to be stirred up to the souls of students to conduct studies and research. WICE is organized by the Indonesian Young Researchers Association (APMI) and the Indonesia Scientific Society (ISS) in collaboration with SEGI University Subang Jaya Malaysia.

The Silver Medal achievement in the life category achieved by the MAN IC Lotim team on behalf of, Fierda Azizy Santoso, Baiq Nurul Amalia Ramdani and Adinda Emilia Sajida was obtained through the Presentation of their Scientific Paper Journal which was carried out virtually (online) on September 13, 2020. In addition to winning silver medals, three heroines of the MAN IC Lotim team also received Science Special Awards from SEGI Subang Jaya University, Malaysia.This team entered to take part in the imternational level Scientific Paper Journal Competition after winning a silver medal or Jua with the work "Utilization of Purple Sweet Potato Skin Extract and Seaweed as Edible Coating Material for Tomato Skin" in the national scientific paper journal competition organized by the Indonesia Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in February 2020.

Likewise, journals of scientific papers submitted at the national level. The team took from the results of its research trial entitled "Utilization of Purple Sweet Potato Skin Extract and Seaweed as Edible Coating ingredients for tomato skin which was included in a scientific work competition organized by UPI Bandung at the end of 2019 and won 1st place."We tested the results of previous research during international competitions. We used 4 respondents for the test again, obviously," Fierda as Race Team Leader, Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Meanwhile, Baiq Nurul added that the reason his team conducted a tomato research trial was a form of concern to see rotten tomatoes when the harvest season was abundant.Dinda added, the results of trials for tomato preservation for up to 5 days were carried out by utilizing seaweed processed with a mixture of purple sweet potato skin.On the other hand, the team's supervisor, Eka Wahyuningsih said that the raw materials for children's research are numerous, easy and cheap which is the natural potential of the Lombok area. For example, seaweed as a raw material purchased on the south coast of one keros costs only Rp. 15 thousand. "Unfortunately, this very abundant natural potential should be maximized for its utilization," he hoped.

Head of MAN IC East Lombok (Lotim), H. Aozar Zawad, really hopes that the achievements of this team continue to be an inspiration to spur enthusiasm for their underclassmen to achieve even greater. Interestingly this team, 4 times they achieved achievements from the same object of study.First, the 1st winner of the Scientific Work Competition at UPI, the 2nd place in the Scientific Work Journal competition, the 1st place in the Short Video Competition in the framework of August 17, 2020 about interesting memories during research, and the fourth place in the International Scientific Work Journal competition.In addition, several students who are members of a team have submitted their scientific work in scientific work competitions organized by the Ministry of National Education and scientific work competitions organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) RI.

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